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Aorta Dental Laboratories Inc Logo Aorta Dental Laboratory is a full service dental laboratory. Since 1985, we have been offering excellent customer service and a wide range of quality dental products to clients. We are known in the industry for our outstanding level of service. We specialize in manufacturing dental appliances such as hawley retainers, custom designs, distal jet, crown & bridge, mouthguards, snoring appliances, EMA , IST, dentures, partials and cosmetic restoration such as veneers and implants, TMJ appliances. Visit site »

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Company Name Aorta Dental Laboratories Inc
Phone (905) 625-7449
Address 3045 Southcreek Road, Unit 18
Mississauga ,ON L4X2X CA
Toll free (888) 84-AORTA
Main Contact Aorta Dental Laboratories Inc